Usefulness of OpenCelliD 3G data in Germany

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As an end user, I’m trying to find the best way to use the network location modules within microG. Currently, two different modules use the data gathered with the OpenCelliD API - Local NLP Backend and LocalGsmNlpBackend.
Here in Germany, the last 3G network was switched off at the end of 2021. The OpenCelliD file for Germany contains a large chunk (100mb) of 3G network data, though. Isn’t this data useless? Why is it still in there?



We get data on cells when they’re observed by our data contributor’s device. Due to the way contribution is structured, we do not get notified when a particular cell goes out of service. That being said, I understand the broader point about 3G being shut down and I’ll check with my team on how we’ll be handling this.

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