Use eNB, not just Cell ID

On the map we see
MCC : 466
MNC : 92
LAC : 24600
CID : 106898701
Radio Type : LTE
Well how about showing the eNB? Also allow it for searches. It’s much better than the raw CID.

We do not receive this as a separate parameter from data contribution

All I know is TowerCollector now includes it, at least when we do Export to CSV. But even if that is not in the upload, it doesn’t matter one single bit, because all you need to do is run the standard conversion (Linux bash example),

b=256 cid=106656533
printf "%06d-%02d\n" $((cid / b)) $((cid % b))

gives 416627-21 .

I mean who honestly in the industry uses the long forms when talking to other office workers?

The long forms are great for computers, but well, how would this conversation look,
“Hi Mom, Billy left the baseball bat in the garage.”
with everybody’s name replaced by oh, their phone numbers,
“Hi 073457890, 0900123456 left the baseball bat in the garage.”

I’ve passed this on to my team and I’ll have them review this. Thank you for your feedback.