Unwired Labs and OpenCelliD: FAQ


We receive dozens of queries every week asking us about various aspects of the relationship between unwiredlabs.com and opencellid.org. I’ll share a couple of thoughts on some of the frequently asked questions - I’ll keep adding to the list. You can put down your queries in the comments.

How is OpenCelliD.org benefiting out of it?

  • We plan to transform OpenCellID into an open-source database hub for Cell, WiFi, LPWAN and more. We already have the resources in place to offer technological expertise and community support.

What have we done so far?

  • We’ve revamped and modernized the entire infrastructure
  • We’ve added strict data verification process in place
  • We’ve added a new user dashboard
  • We’ve added reporting features
  • We’ve added Maps/ Geocoding (in a minor way) - We’ll launch it in a major way soon
  • We’ve added active support policies in place - and are actively responding to all support queries within 12 hours

Will I be able to download the cells csv data?

What will happen to my contributions?

  • They are yours, you will have the ability to contribute, download the database and request removal of your data - just like it was before.

How is Unwired labs benefiting out of it?

  • Geolocation also happens to be our core product at Unwired. It is heavily powered by crowd-sourced data. By maintaining and growing OCID, we hope to provide better location for everyone.
  • Our bread and butter, as always, will be from Enterprises paying for proprietary data, higher limits/ second, on-premise hosting and priority support.

What’s your privacy policy like?

  • The data you contribute to OpenCellID is yours, the data contributed by the community will be available to download.

What are the differences between Unwired and OpenCelliD datasets

  • Unwired Labs’ datasets include proprietary data.

Are you selling my data for marketing purposes?

  • No.

What will happen to my old OpenCelliD token?

  • Your token is yours and will not change, we’ve integrated it into our systems. You can check out your dashboard here

How can I help?

  • If you are a developer, you can help the community by building simple apps that will expand OpenCellID datasets
  • If you’re a user, you can install our android app, contribute and compete
  • If you can’t contribute data, help us improve; give us feedback, spread the word and help others benefit out of this


Hi there, I’d really like to contribute to your database, given I’m working in Ivory Coast for the coming 2,5 month and your database in the countryside could be improved. However, I’ve got an iphone, is there something I can do?