Understanding the cell_tower.cs data

I have a single mcc, mnc , region for a tower. however if I grep it I get many rows with varying lat/lon. Are all those lat/lon within an area that is covered by that tower?

I just took a certain mcc, mnc , region for a tower I am familiar with (310,260,21510) , Its google lat/lon are 37.56415149483696, -77.45771147135113. Then I took a stab at the data for that mcc,mnc and region and picked up a random row.


The lat/lon of that row is nowhere close to the tower. So what does the info in the row represent. Does it say that a phone or collection device at -77.460833,37.664461 pick up a signal from a tower at -77.45771147135113, 37.56415149483696? Or is there a variable I need to use with the data.