UMTS 3g cell id

Hi there!

I’m currently trying to get a match for a BOUYGUES cell id in france:
We know for sure that the report from the tower should be 208 20 4F61 0176, active in dec 2018.
On the map, we get various LAC that are the same in decimal, 20321, but I cannot translate the Cell ID into any number we found on the CID of any cell tower near the location.

It could be a cell near the location mapped out as:
208 20 20321 93847836, which position is 46.002419; 4.101914, measured in february 2019.
How OpenCellid creates/reads those CID?

can you help me with that?



Can you confirm the CID you’re seeing is 0176? We generally see a longer CID, but its entirely possible we do not have data on that particular identifier.

Hi Sagar,

Thank you for your response
For context, those numbers come from a very badly printed police report. We are trying to help with the investigation !
We are working from a printed doc from 2018, where we can find various ‘antenne relais’ data:
We managed to find out all the 4g LTE cells id from the same doc, which are from the same area.
And we are still missing the following 3G cell ID:

20820 4F61 01 C0
20820 4F61 01 5 - ending by 0 or E
20820 4F61 01 76

It’s crucial for us to locate those cells to prove that the mobile user was at that time in a certain area of the city!
Thank you for any help you can provide!