Trace location without cellid & LAC

i wanna make a locator which can identify or trace all cell phone in specific range of area or can find a particular cellphone in that area. i used opencellid datasheet but there is not any info about LAC & CELLID in database only MNC, MCC are available with other parameters.

so can someone tell me how can I get these parameters (LAC & CELLID or just SIM serial number (ICCID)). or any other way to figure this out.

thank you in advance

Dear Rahima,

I don’t that is possible especially not due to privacy regulations. Furthermore, the OpenCellID database is static and it is updated irregularly, so if you put your phone into your pocket and change sector, it wouldn’t be registered here but registered on the given radio stations and propagated through the provider’s network but nowhere outside.

Thank you so much

Is there any other way to do it I just need to locate cell phone via GSM not wifi and want to identify all cell phone in specific area

I think this is something that usually the Police do with special permission, so i don’t think it is possible for a “simply user”.

Do police need a warrant or special permission to monitor someone’s phone? And if they are doing it out of spite or trying to get back at someone for complaining on them is it illegal if they do this without a warrant or permission?

In my country, police needs to be conducting a formal investigation on a suspect person, for a precise crime, for it to be authorized to trace him technologically. I don’t know if they must be previously authorized by a judge, but a police officer cannot just ask these info to the Telco carriers, if he wishes.

Everything starts, then, when there is a formal complaint by a citizen.

i need help my SIM card has someone to divert calls how do I delete it because my privacy is disturbed Help me.