There are some problems with the range of the cell towers

Hello, I am using the data provided by your platform to complete my graduation project. However, when I collated the data, I found that the range of many cell towers was not very accurate, such as the towers shown in the attachment, the range reached hundreds of kilometers! I thought it was impossible.

Is there any way to repair these data? Thank you so much!


Thanks for reaching out. OpenCelliD data is community contributed, so there can be instances where data isn’t as accurate as we’d like it to be despite the daily update cycle. In this case, it’s possible data wasn’t properly contributed for these cells. It’s also possible these 2G cells were deactivated and replaced with cells on 3G, 4G or after. In this case, we have no way to know if a cell has been deactivated and we just don’t get newer data on that 2G cell.

If you’re open to it, contributing data to OpenCelliD is the only way to improve positions on these cells.