Request failures

Hi to all ppl!
I’m having an certain problem with getting my .py script running correctly. An error is occuring wich gives me info that “No matches found” and I’m looking to OpenCellId dashboard where I can see there was 7 requests and 7 fails.
I’m wondering, Is it possible that my specific area (Ludwigshafen PLZ-67071, Rhein-Pfalz - Germany) Is not well covered in the OpenCellID database?
Am I doing wrong if I’m using Api token as “Api Key” in my .py script?
How can I check that my request payload structure is correct according to OpenCellID?

Hoping someone can give me a help on this.


I’m unable to help you with implementation level details since I don’t have access to your entire code. The No Matches Found points to the cell identifier not being in our database. We are a community platform and cannot guarantee presence of every cell.

You can use the visual map view on our homepage to see if you get a response for the cells you’re passing in the API request. You’ll need the entire MCC-MNC-LAC-CID.