Re-analyzing OpenCellId raw data to estimate tower locations


I’m new to the OpenCellId community, though though not to matters of cellular connectivity. I recently made a (lengthy) post regarding the distinction between cell tower lat/lon and the cell lat/lon:

It appears to have been read about two dozen times, with no responses.Judging by that, and the relative infrequency of posts, I guess this isn’t a very active discussion forum–but that’s okay and I generally value quality above quantity.

I have a specific question: who among you find the lat/lon values (estimated center of the cell) in the database just as valuable, or more valuable, than estimated lat/lon values for cell towers (not in the databse)? For the moment, please put aside concerns about the feasibility of estimating tower locations.

If the group is generally satisfied with lat/lon estimates for cell centers, then I’ll stop asking about lat/lon values for towers.

If, however, there is significant interest in lat/lon values for towers, I think an interesting and possibly fruitful discussion can be had about how to analyze the existing raw data to that end.