Problem with Database MCC 262

I am working on a cellular network project where I am studying the cell towers available across multiple regions. I downloaded the database for multiple country codes (214, 234, 262, 505, 530) but it seems that there is a problem with the database for 262 (Germany DE).

When I search manually on the website using the MCC, MNC, CELL ID, LAC I am able to find the GPS coordinates for the cell tower but it is not available in the database CSV file.

For instance the below cell tower GPS coordinates can be found using the web interface but I am unable to locate it in the database CSV file.

MCC = 262
MNC = 2
CELL ID = 13372941
LAC = 45182

Can you please ensure the CSV database for MCC 262 is correct.

Also there are quite a lot of missing cell towers I couldn’t find for the other regions.

I’ve tried this cell on our home page, and I don’t see this particular cell in our database. Looking up for this only gives us a match for MCC, MNC, LAC, but not CID, which is probably why this cell isn’t on the csv