OpenCellID DataBase VS UnwiredLabs DB

we just downloaded OCID Db but we find some missing info. If we ask for same data to unwired labs web service we receive coordinatres. There are some differences? We are asking for a LTE cell in Italy.


Hi Gianmaria,

The OpenCelliD project is maintained by Unwired Labs. (I work for Unwired Labs)

  • The data behind OCID is contributed by the community. We give this data back in the form of a downloadable CSV that is updated on a daily basis.
  • Unwired’s datasets are collected by paying firms to collect data on cell positions. This data is proprietary and is only available via the API due to licensing issues.

That being said, if you signed up for OpenCelliD and are using the API, we have allowed a fallback to the Unwired API. If a cell isn’t found in OCID database, it queries the Unwired dataset. This fallback is limited to 50 queries/ day.