OpenCelliD and 3GPP cell id

Hi all,

My Pinephone (Linux, so no Android or iOS) has a GNSS chip that seems to be confused where it is. On the map (gnome-maps) it tells me it is about 20 km northwest of where I actually am. So I thought first to check the cell tower. It’s on 4G, so I looked up the LTE cell towers in my neighborhood and check that with

$ sudo mmcli -m any --location-get 

That responds with:

3GPP |      operator code: 204
     |      operator name: 08
     | location area code: FFFE
     | tracking area code: 00F1CD
     |            cell id: 005B190B

I thought this might be hexadecimal, so in dec that would be 5970187, but none of the LTE or other towers around my location have that number according to your site.

Is there anything I’m missing here or doing wrong?

Any help greatly appreciated!