No matches found [SOLVED]

Hello, I’m new to AGPS and OpenCellID, so I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or if this is the normal operation.
I’m getting the response:
{‘status’: ‘error’, ‘message’: ‘No matches found’, ‘balance’: 5000}
while trying to get the location.
This is an example of agps data that I’m getting from the modem:
(268, 60, [(8700, 25122, -51), (8840, 25552, -63), (8700, 26591, -55), (8840, 2898, -71), (8700, 26516, -73)])
It’s possible that none of these cell towers are registered yet?

Well, found my issue. For some reason my modem, A9G, is returning the MNC with 30 or 60, instead of the 3 and 6 that it should. I just add a divider by 10 and started to get matches from the platform.
Will leave this here for others that may find their way in the same situation.