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I work for a towerco and I am looking for a list of cell towers in Spain. I downloaded your 214 Spain list with 65K+ records - just had a question are all of these cell towers? the second question, is there a way to see which carrier is on these towers? and lastly I am unsure the source of this information?

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We report positions of cells - not cell towers. The 65k+ records in the Spain list are list of cells. Each cell tower can have multiple cells.

A quick overview of the columns is here.

  • To understand the telecom firm operating a particular cell, you’ll have to look at the ‘_Net: Mobile Network Code’. You can cross verify that number with the entire MCC-MNC list here

We receive positions of cells from the community. There are thousands of enthusiasts/ developers/ small to medium firms who send scanned info from their devices. These data points are called measurements. We process measurements to find positions of cells.