Measurement database

Hello to everyone! I’m a computer engineering student, I’m working on my master thesis project about crowd-sensing applications and truth-discovery. I developed new algorithms to aggregate a large number of measures and to give a trustworthiness parameter to each user. Unfortunately I worked only with synthetic data, now it’s time to move to real data. I asked the measurement database to support service by mail but got no answer :frowning: Could you help me?

Hi Vitale,

Measurements data contains identifiable coordinates of our data contributors - this is against our privacy policy and something the community wouldn’t be happy with. This is why we process measurement data and share only location of cells.

We share measurements data with certain educational/ government institutions, but we provide that only after we’ve established contracts in place. These contracts ensure raw data isn’t abused or revealed to any third party.

If you belong to an educational/ government institute, please write to us ([email protected]) from an official email id with details on:

  • Nature of project
  • Nature of Output (How output is shared…for example Report/ aggregate data etc etc)
  • Geographic regions you’re interested in
  • Parties you might share this data with
  • Is this a one time or a recurring project
  • What you intend to do with data after the project is complete

We don’t allow sharing raw measurements data (publicly or with other parties) in any scenario.

I am mapping cell phone towers in certain areas in Argentina. I have a large number of measurements made. If you are interested, I can send them to you.
If you have an algorithm that can triangulate them, I would be happy to do business with you. You can write me to marianogomezbidondo * gmail com

Hi Sagar,

I wanted to see If I can get access to the raw measurements data. I am working with a government agency and will contact them also with the information that you have requested. Moreover, I wanted to know what type of data is contained within this raw measurement format. This is to see, even if this data makes sense for me. I am only looking at data for a particular geographic location and do not require IMEI/ phone nos. (just any proxy ID in its place would do). Thanks.