Long/Lat Correlation

Hi, I’m Paul. I’m hoping I’m not repeating a question but:

I’ve got long/lat for ~700 sites globally. I want to correlate these with long/lat of cell towers nearby. Is this possible?

Hi Paul,

Thank you for writing in.

My first step would be to define what ‘nearby’ is. If you think its 3km, you can draw a geofence around the sites you are interested in with a 3km radius. The next step would be to compare and see if any approximate cell positions from OpenCelliD fall into these geofences.

We don’t have first hand experience with this, but I found some resources that might help you:

@Paul_Bullock OpenCelliD has an API that you can use to get a list of cells for a specific area. Please check out the documentation page for more information. We recommend creating a script to call this API for each location you have and then add the cells from the list for each location.