Location not matching with http://cellidfinder.com/cells/findcell


I downloaded the csv file and tried to validate with http://cellidfinder.com/cells/findcell but none of the lat/lon matches.
Here are a few from beginning if the file:
Line1: UMTS,262,2,801,86355,0,13.285512,52.522202,1000,7,1,1282569574,1300155341,0
Actual from Cellidfinder: MCC=262 MNC=2 LAC=801 CID=86355 Google coordinates = (41.487907, 2.149195) Yandex coordinates = (0.0, 0.0)

Line2: GSM,262,2,801,1795,0,13.276907,52.525714,5716,9,1,1282569574,1300155341,0
Actual from Cellidfinder: MCC=262 MNC=2 LAC=801 CID=1795 Google coordinates = (41.46128, 2.019222) Yandex coordinates = (0.0, 0.0)

Has anyone faced this before? Or can someone provide any resolution?

Hi Prabhat,

The data available on OpenCelliD, CellidFinder and other projects is collaborated by the community/ third party data providers - any output is an approximation of the location of the cell tower based on the measurements provided - it’s not a 100% certainty - only a calculated estimation.

Some of the reasons why the lat long between the four datasets you mentioned do not match could be because:

  1. They’re derived from measurements that are taken at different positions from the cell tower
  2. There are minor differences in the computation/ triangulation algorithms itself
  3. There might be a differences in the cells contributed by a single device
  4. The frequency of contribution
  5. The recency of contribution
  6. The type of device making the contribution

I hope I’ve answered your query :slight_smile: