Locating cell tower with short CellID / PSC

I have the following cell tower data. I am able to geolocate with Mozilla and Unwired labs. With unwired labs, I provide “PSC” but no “cellID / cid”. With Mozilla, I put that “PSC” value in for CellId.

unwired labs:
    "token": "a7bae1bb0cd2ca",
    "radio": "lte",
    "mcc": 310,
    "mnc": 410,
    "cells": [{
        "lac": 25093,
        "cid": 0,
        "psc": 64,
        "signal": -80
    "address": 1

And for Mozilla:

  "homeMobileCountryCode": 310,
  "homeMobileNetworkCode": 410,
  "considerIp": "false",
  "cellTowers": [
      "radioType": "lte",
      "cellId": 64,
      "locationAreaCode": 25093,
      "mobileCountryCode": 310,
      "mobileNetworkCode": 410,
      "signalStrength": -80

In the OpenCellID database, we have records like this:

Where CellID looks like: 61736207 or in the area corresponding to the API inputs above, “117843985”

Since Unwired Labs is able to successfully geolocate, I feel like they are probably able to match up my cell ID (or PSC) of “64” with the OpenCellID’s cellID format of “117843985” (long format cell id).

So, in summary, my question is this:

Is it possible for me to geolocate LTE towers (using OpenCellID csv-sourced records) given this structure of input:

      "cellId" or "psc" or "???": 64,
      "area": 25093,
      "mcc": 310,
      "net" (mnc): 410

I am having a very difficult time with this – “64” seems to be all I can get off these WNC chips, whereas I’d like to get that long CellID instead.