I need help

Hi y’all,

I need some help here locating a tower of antenna vehicle hacking my phone I have LAC SND CELL ID

Hi guys,
I’m really bad at this trying to locate a tower . To figure out who is hacking my phone. Please anyone that is good at this. Let’s connect.

Hi Sweety,

I don’t quite understand you problem. So someone has hacked your phone remotely and you know his cell data? Or your phone is stolen and you know your phone’s cell data and you wanna find where is it?


Hi, Thanks for responding. I have my phone . I am being hacked beyond a reasonable doubt, I have my info I got from a you tube channel that showed me how to do it. Can I actually find out who is hacking me? Through the tower? I have my LAC AND CELL ID . I hae

Can I find my actual hacker through the tower info. I have The cell ID AND LAC . Can I find the person that is monitoring my phone? Anyone in Brooklyn New York with experience in IT and hacking willing to pay.

I have my phone but I want to know which tower is monitoring it.

I need to find his tower . He is hacking my phone from a tower.

I guess it’s a hack using a fake cell tower, e.g. like this:

The fake cell tower could be in one location or it could be mobile.
I have no clue how you might track other than monitoring the suspicious cellID/LAC watch cell signal power and drive test to try and find location.