How to update global coverage layer of the map?

Hi. I’ve started to contribute new data to this project a couple of weeks ago.
I do see new cells on the map in a few minutes after uploading them from TowerCollector app.

By I don’t see traces of my data on the survey coverage layer (red-white), even though i see pale red squares for even a single marks, collected in 2014-2016.

Is the coverage layer updated regularly or by request?
How can i request or force its update for a certain area?

P.S. I’m one of the first data collectors in my area, and my data are almost undiscoverable without coverage layer.

Scincerely yours, Serge.

@Serge_Titov Thanks for contributing data to Opencellid!

Currently, the heatmap layer (displayed in red-white) is experiencing some issues, but our team is actively working on resolving it. Nevertheless, once the cells are added, the actual cell data will be visible without any delay.