[How to] Locate a phone with only phone number or IMEI number (We can't)


We get dozens of mails every week asking us the process to locate a device by just the phone number or the IMEI number. To tell you the truth:

We cannot locate a phone just with Phone number or IMEI number

We require an input of cell tower information (the unique id of the cell towers scanned by the device). This is usually MCC-MNC-LAC-CID. You can get this from your device in a number of ways. The easiest one, is to use android apps (like these) that scan the cell towers around the device and show cell information.

If your phone is lost and you do not have direct access to get this cell tower information - we cannot help you locate that device. Please contact law enforcement. (or try using Google’s find-my-device option)


Hi Sagar,
I have info from the tower, a 15 digit number. How to locate that tower? Best, regards, Minttu


Hi, Do you have MCC-MNC-LAC-CID? If so, you can see our handy guide here: Link

Entering this on our API dashboard will give you the approx location of that cell.


Hi, Thank you for the answer. The number I have is for example in this format 404270024942129. I think the 404 is MCC and 27 is MNC but then I do not know about the rest of the numbers, for example what is LAC and what is SID. Unfortunately I can not code, so I am not sure if I am able to use the database, and also I am doing this on computer, not on phone. Would it be possible to employ somebody to do that for me? I have several numbers I would like to locate.


Minttu, I cannot say for certain because your source of those numbers could be different from mine. You can try out the combinations on our API sandbox.
We are a small team and unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to integrate this for you.


how do you get that number @minttu? do you use APDU direct to the sim ?