How to Improve Mobile Performance & Coverage

Hello Fellow TeleCommunication Hobbyists, Wizards, & Geniuses:

There are a few topics on which I’m seeking information and I’m hoping some of you can help:

  1. does anyone know if it’s possible to improve the strength of a mobile phone’s reception, perhaps through its settings or adding a special microchip? I have a VIVO Y71, and it does not seem to perform as well as my previous Samsung J7. I’m in the same location, so I’m wondering if there is a simple DIY method to improve a phone’s reception.

  2. does anyone know how to locate exact cell towers that provide coverage for specific networks? I used to know an amazing Department Of Telecommunications of India website that had excellent information available, but right now I can’t find it again…

  3. any ideas how to improve performance of specific apps like WhatsApp?

Thanks very much: to anyone who is able to contribute, I really appreciate it.

Hey Rajneesh,

I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do about questions 1 & 3. Device-side cell reception is almost always a hardware issue. Please check GSMArena when purchasing phones for supported network bands. Performance issues with individual apps can be attributed to many factors - cell coverage is certainly not causing these issues.

You’re talking about this coverage map. They’ll probably bring it back online soon.