How to find and fill blank spots?

Good evening!

I’m living in a densely populated area. How do I determine what areas are worthy to be explored for contribution?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to the project.

Please check the coverage density map on the OpenCelliD homepage for potential areas for contribution.

Yes, I’ve done that already. Based upon my knowledge from the local area, the areas with few or no markings on the map are ones that are difficult / impossible to access and/or areas that suggest that there’s little or no human (read: network) activity and is probably not worth to explore?
I also noticed that each marking has an “updated” date. Some of these show up as updated several years ago. Does this indicate that they are outdated and require to be scanned again?

Hi @Nonsmoker, your question about “update” dates is a good one. Too bad it has gone unanswered by the leaders of this group.