[How to] Download cells database CSV



  1. Sign up for an account at https://OpenCelliD.org
  2. Directly download the file from https://opencellid.org/downloads

Option 2

  1. Sign up for an account at OpenCelliD.org
  2. Sign in to the dashboard using email and token
  3. Go to the ‘Downloads’ tab of the dashboard
  4. Click on the download link

How to download OpenCelliD Cells CSV database

Edit: If you’re getting a 'RATE_LIMTIED" error:
We allow only 2 downloads per account per day to prevent abuse. If you see this error, you’ll only be able to try again tomorrow.

Please use a proper download manager/ browser.


When I try to download this word comes out to me what does it mean I am trying to take advantage of the program in locating the phones


Are you getting a 'RATE_LIMTIED" error?

We allow only 2 downloads per account per day to prevent abuse. Please use a proper download manager if your browser is not able to download it properly.


I’m trying to use the database for some research and I need some help with two issues:

  1. The creation date of many cells is the same. Is there a way to get the actual first time the cell was created in the database?
  2. Which is the unique identifier for a cell in order to group them and do not have multiple entries for the same cell.



Hey Genaro,

  1. We don’t store the date where the cell tower was first seen. We do, however store the date of the most recent viewing of the cell.
  2. The unique id for a cell is a combination of MCC-MNC-LAC-CID and not date. There will be only unique combinations of MCC-MNC-LAC-CID in the cell csv


Thank you for your reply.
Is there anyway to get around this issue on the lack of date for the first creation of a record? Maybe you keep historical dumps of the database? I’m trying to find out how quickly technologies are deployed and your database could be really helpful!


Genaro, we simply don’t keep a record. I can ask my team to look into that if the community is interested.


Is there a database of the Wifi BSIDs too?


Opencellid collects only cell tower information at the moment. We’re planning to add WiFi in the near future. :slight_smile:


Hi, I am working on locating cell tower locations using measurements collected at end-devices. Previously I was able to download the measurements dataset but in the updated site, i see no such datasets. Can you please tell how we can get the measurements data from opencellid?