How can I get Cell Towers locations?

How can I get Cell Towers locations?

You can download the dataset from the OpenCelliD page here.

OK… downloaded the MASSIVE data

plotted locations in my area

many LAT & LON correspond to NO TOWER
just an arbitrary location
one not far from my residence and there’s nothing there

OpenCelliD has data on approximate cell locations, based on observations from user’s devices. We not guarantee pinpoint cell data because of the nature of data collection. Would it be possible for you to contribute data for your region?


I’m a new member. I’m also trying to access cell tower locations, but when I go to the data downloads page and enter my API key from the dashboard, nothing happens. Do I have to get a specific key to access the data files or is there some additional step I need to do before I can access the data?

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Could you please retry this on a different browser, or check if you’re pasting the exact key (without any additional spaces, etc)