How can I contribute to OpenCellID if I'm using Flespi as the backend server for my GPS trackers?

I really like open data and projects with open-source code. That’s why I decided to join the OpenCellID project.

I use Flespi to handle and process data from GPS trackers. So, I thought it would be cool to help out by adding towers data to OpenCellID.

I made a simple example of a webhook. It checks GPS tracker data to make sure it has all the needed information. If everything looks good, it sends the data to OpenCellID servers using their API.

Now, anyone with a Flespi account can use this webhook. They just need to add their OpenCellID API key and start sending their tracker data.

  "triggers": [
      "filter": {
        "payload": "exists(\"position.latitude\") && exists(\"position.longitude\") && exists(\"gsm.mcc\")&& exists(\"gsm.mnc\")&& exists(\"gsm.cellid\")&& exists(\"gsm.lac\")"
      "topic": "flespi/message/gw/devices/+"
  "enabled": true,
  "name": "Contribute to OpenCellID",
  "configuration": [
      "method": "GET",
      "type": "custom-server",
      "uri": "['position.latitude']%&lon=%payload['position.longitude']%&mcc=%payload['gsm.mcc']%&mnc=%payload['gsm.mnc']%&lac=%payload['gsm.lac']%&cellid=%payload['gsm.cellid']%"

Just replace “YOUR_API_KEY_HERE” with your OpenCellID API key before importing the webhook settings.

Thank you for your time on this and for sharing this with the community!