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My name is Kayode and I am a researcher looking at technology adoption in Africa. I was wondering if you had Cell tower data for previous years; specifically, would it be possible to download the Cell Tower Dataset from any month in 2011, 2014 and 2017.

Thank you for the great work.

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We do not store historical data. Our datasets have parameters that report last updated/ last seen date.


Hello I am new to the community. I am trying to obtain the data set / format of data collected by towers in the UK. I am working with a non UK software developer who has a Call Data Records software tool that we are promoting in the UK and EU. The software is currently using a SQL data base and to ensure easy ingestion of the data we are trying to confirm the variation of data sets within the UK. Could OpenCellID assist me with this or can you or anyone point me in the right direction?


Hey Trevor,

Nice to hear from you! You can download the dataset via our ‘Downloads page’ or via an API call.

For full UK data, the API call will look like this:

We allow only 2 downloads per account per day - so, make sure you’ve got a good browser/ download manager.


Hello Sagar,
Newbie here. RF guy, currently involved in Space, Cubesat ground stations. and many other aspects of RF propagation. As a hobby, my interests are in Moonbounce communications. Also studying how/why SPACE WEATHER affects telecommunications and how it can hurt telecom infrastructure. Much of my experience is hands on, being a ham radio operator since age 16, though college educated, BSci
Looking for ways to extend range of cellphone handsets to very long ranges, off the beaten path. Testing attachable external yagis… Have heard that good geo paths are not the only problems faced (that I can solve) but there are issues that exist with long ranges between the cell site and the handset involving the precision timing shared throughout the network.
Apparently, an geo-outlier handset at long range to a cell site, has a delay that troubles the software of the network… I want to learn more about that. Love the site, and thanks for creating or supporting it.


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Hello, I am a researcher at Addis Ababa University and I am glad to be part of this community. I am working on a research to predict mobile users movement using neural network in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. So, this research needs Call Detail Record (CDR) data of Ethio-telecom.

What do you suggest or recommend about this research?

Is it possible to apply OpenCellid data to this research?

Thank you so much for your help!



Hey Selam,

Nice to hear from you!

OpenCelliD does not have call records of any telecom firm/ subscribed users. We anonymously collect positions of cells from community contributions. Our datasets cannot determine info about a mobile user.