[Hello World!] We can't Log In

Hi folks,

We would like to start off by thanking the OpenCellID/unwiredlabs community for all the hard work they’ve put (and continue to put) into the datasets and plethora of tools at everyone’s disposal!

We, however, are having some trouble making it into our account/dashboard.

We can log into the Community section using our USERNAME and PASSWORD, but when we try to use our EMAIL for a passwordless sign-in to the Dashboard, we get:

“This email address doesn’t exist in our system.”

And when we attempt to use our credentials (EMAIL and PASSWORD) to sign in to the Dashboard normally, we get:

“Incorrect email or token.” - with the PASSWORD field highlighted in red (the EMAIL field is green).

We have confirmed our account details (activated account through the email link), our password, the email, etc. but we can’t seem to log into the Dashboard no matter what we try.

Is this normal? Do we need to wait some time before having access to the dashboard? Is our domain not being a .com confusing the system?

Any assistance would be appreciated, particularly if it’s prompt!


This issue has been resolved;

It turns out the Community account was a different account to the one we need to access the data, so we created an OpenCellID account and are good to go!


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