Find my location


Jey, bro, i have a simple doubt, but i didn’t do it, pleasurely help me , that is , how to find my location by using cell number


Hi, i think that’s not that simple. The phone provides you only:

  • MMC (country code - 240 is Sweden)
  • MNC (phone provider - 01 is Telia in Sweden)
  • TAC/LAC (location code - 469 for example)
  • CellID - (cell id - 25911590 for example)

If your device doesn’t provide you MMC and MNC then you can fill it manually.
From OpenCellID database, you can fetch the coordinates of the radio towers.

Furthermore, your device should provide you:

  • RSRP: reference signal strength, e.g: -99dB
  • RSSI: received signal strength

From the tower coordinates and signal strength, you can approximate the location but don’t have high expectations, it won’t be accurate but still, it is something.