Find lac and cellid


how to get other people’s lac and cell ids with just one phone without having a relationship with the operator if they know the phone number they’re using.


You can’t. The device has to communicate the scanned cell info to you. (MCC-MNC-LAC-CID)

If you’re looking for network geolocation, please check out LocationSmart


In my case, I’m wondering the location of the tower.
Here in Brazil, the MCC is 724, the MNC depends on the Operator, which in my case is the CLARO MNC = 05.
Unfortunately I can not go to the location to know the location of the towers. I’m getting the information through the Open Signal app.
Even with all the information (MCC-MNC-LAC-CID), I can not know the exact location of the tower.


You can input MCC-MNC-LAC-CID and get a result of the approximate position of the cell from OpenCelliD. There can be instances where that particular cell isn’t present in OpenCelliD database.