Estimation of connection speed


I’m a French student studying computer engineering, and I have a question. Is it possible to estimate the connection speed and visualize it on a map using this API? If this is not possible, are there any other solutions?

Thank you.


We collect data on cell positions based on observations from volunteer’s devices and we don’t get data from the telecom providers and we do not have any connection with them.

It isn’t possible to estimate the connection speed using the available data. You can however look up max speed by assuming the radio type for each cell.

You’ll probably find information about this on OpenSignal.


As @Suhail_David mentioned, OpenCellId gathers no information about connection speed. Looking up maximum connection speed seems pointless because the bandwidth allocated to a connected device is determined by many factors. Furthermore, the the maximum theoretical data transfer rates (connection speed) will never be realized in practice.

I am curious, why do desire connection speed information?

You might be better served in this context by Ookla’s Open Data Initiative which provides downloadable data on mobile and fixed broadband speeds around the world. It is an excellent resource with the only caveat being that, like OpenCellID, its data is confined to where people use it.