[enhancement] suggestions for improving the map and contribution


A few quick suggestions:

  1. overlaying by network type (e.g. by ticking/unticking a box). 3G networks are obsolete and clutter the map.
  2. a “reverse” heat map and/or chart - to visualize and thus identify areas/cells based on:
  • the lack of coverage/data submissions
  • the number of measurements recorded for a cell
  • the age of the submissions
  • radial cell coverage: The F.A.Q. points out that a mast consists of several antennae, with each antenna covering an area within a certain radius. If (a fictitious example) the map data includes a lone cell record based on many, regular submissions taken from the same position (latitude/longitude), it would suggest that there are other cells to cover the other radii, but the data has not yet been collected (for whatever reason).
  • if possible: exclude inaccessible areas based on OSM characteristics (like surface type, boundaries etc.)

These ideas came up after I read this article. With the options above, data contribution and the improvement of data quality/quantity would be much more target-oriented.


Hi @Nonsmoker - Thank you so much for taking the time out and sharing this! I’ve passed this on to my team and I’ll have them prioritize this.
Thanks, again for your feedback :slight_smile:

I would like to support this suggestions.

Overlaying the map by network type would be realy great.