Desperate help needed- Likely Phone Hacked

Hi there - So I am a victim of major cyber crime - extremely sophisticated group stole my entire identity and every account, device, etc. associated with me and have used my identity to pursue highly lucrative illegal actions in my name - law enforcement legal, cyber experts involved etc. However, I’m a “persistent target” as they need continued access to my identity. Sorry - for the long explanation, but it’s like out of a movie and turned my life upside down. I’ve been lacking in support around how the phone “device” (phones - I’m on number 4) seem to be part of the continuous breaches/penetration stifling everyone. I am receiving so much cyber help, I’m trying to see what I can do to potentially confirm and address that I have come to believe that my devices themselves are part of the nightmare too. I notice odd phone behavior all the time, but that is just my reality now - until specialized units in law enforcement/law someday hopefully shut this down (I’m one of many victims).

As I think that this may not all be viral but all the odd behavior is instead representative of breached devices. So I am seeking serious help because Verizon didn’t seem to know what I was talking about regarding help re: my phone itself being cloned, highjacked, sim stolen, tokens and APIs etc. I checked your site and I have one API token allowed on my plan, and it has been used. Forgive my ignorance, but I have no idea if this is normal or if the fact that I had nothing to do with this token is concerning. I just found a token that was visible in my iphone settongs but has immediately disappeared. I do know that heavy traffic by the cyber criminals have been identified on various API websites re: data manipulation/access, but re. phones has never come up.

So I apologize, but I am trying to find out if the fact that my phone has an API/token that I have had nothing to do with is a sign that my phone itself is being used, as well, as a source of stealing my identity/data and if so, how is the best way to handle/respond to the API/token/sim without causing further exposure, losing data/information or damaging this most recent phone.

(Additionally, any advice on how to protect my phone itself moving forward - advanced suggestions both because despite my ignorance here I’m very secure and follow text book+ recomendation, in addition ti the fact that they are engineers and basically geniuses that stifle all involved in their capabilities - e.g. I was initially infected by embedded code in emails from a trusted company itself hacked and used to reach its consumers and they currently use existing os access point vulnerabilities to assume remote access).

Thank you so much!