Data mixed up from different networks?

I have been using the tower collector app for a few weeks now and have been busy uploading data to opencellid. For a while I used two SIM cards (234-20 and 234-30) at the same time in my phone.

I have been checking the map and found three LTE pins in a cluster, for one of the pins, the LAC does not belong to the MNC-MCC shown.

here is the data:

MCC: 234
MNC: 30
LAC: 1202
CID: 4057351
Radio Type: LTE

Latitude: 51.623959
Longitude: 0.49999
Range: 1000 m

1 measurements
Created: 2021-11-12T16:31:53.000Z
Updated: 2021-11-12T16:31:53.000Z

I have compared that with the CSV files which I saved and LAC 1202 is used by network 234-20, not 234-30. The other two pins are correct. The CID is a valid CID for 234-30.

There is another pin a little further north, where the combination of MNC/MCC and LAC is correct

MCC: 234
MNC: 20
LAC: 1202
CID: 507392
Radio Type: LTE

Latitude: 51.626208
Longitude: 0.500635
Range: 2074 m

45 measurements
Created: 2021-08-29T10:48:38.000Z
Updated: 2021-11-20T04:35:32.000Z

I’m not sure if this is related to your issue: Did your device support neighborhood cells and did you enable this feature on Tower Collector? Maybe provider offer neighborhood cells from different providers where you can roam, stored in the actual lac with actual GPS.

I see something similar on Wigle-App. Two SIM-cards of different provider with wrong mapping. There I stopped collecting data with double-SIM.