Dashboard shows no activity, but Tower Collector says upload successful?

I’m using Tower Collector, disabled anonymous uploads, and entered my Access Token that I got from the OpenCelliD Dashboard that starts with “pk.”. I collected some stats, hit upload, and both OCID and MLS uploads are succesful.

The OCID Dashboard shows no activity at all, and nothing for IP and HTTP logs on the API key.

If I removed the “.pk” part from the API key in Tower Collector it reports an error when trying to upload, so it seems like it can upload data with my API key.

What gives? It’s over two weeks and the dashboard still isn’t updating. Can someone let me know if OCID contributions are actually useful? Or are my uploads just going to /dev/null?

HN: Do contributions to OCID and MLP from Tower Collector get used? | Hacker News
GitHub: OpenCellid - is the data transferred from the application for sure - no activity on my token · Issue #164 · zamojski/TowerCollector · GitHub


Thank you for writing in.

OpenCelliD only shows stats for API usage and not for contributions at the moment. We’ll be adding contribution stats to the dashboard in the next few weeks. For now, please reach out to [email protected] for contribution data.

@Espionage724 - I’ve shared your contribution stats on email.

Hi, is there any news regarding this feature? I was surprised just now to see that my contributor API shows no contribution, when I’m using Tower Collector pretty much every week.