Cell tower coverage for specific bands

Hello, I’m looking to find the cell tower coverage for certain bands and record the location of the cell towers in a spreadsheet.

For context, I want to find the tower coverage coverage for all that don’t have band (call it x), but have band (call it y). I also want to find the full coverage for band x and band y, respectively along with combined.

I’m new to OpenCelliD—are there any resources that I can use for background on how to do this?

Thank you for writing in.

OpenCelliD does not have data on frequency bands - we only have data on approximate coordinates of individual cells (not physical cell towers). For any analysis on coverage, you’ll first have to extrapolate coverage area. This can be different based on the radio type, for example LTE covers a smaller area compared to GSM.

Hi David,

Can I ask the coordinates represent which precise location within a cell? Are they represent the “centre of area” of a cell as indicated in this doc: FAQ - OpenCellID wiki?

Hi @ywang,

There is nothing precise about the lat/lon values in the OpenCellId data :wink: It is an estimate of the center of the cell and there is also a range value which indicates the radius (in meters) around the lat/lon value that is likely to contain the actual center of the cell at a 98% level of confidence.

Of course, the shape of a cell is often not discernable from the data, because the data points come from cell phones travelling on roads, so many cells will appear to be ribbons running along roads, rather than the much larger 120 degree wedges that are a truer representations.

As @Suhail_David mentioned, there is no Band information in the OpenCellId data.