Cell site location for specific country

Is there any way to download a specific file for a country in terms of cell site location?

Yes, the OpenCelliD downloads page allows country specific exports

Yes I’m quite familiar with this one, but I want to know how to get the cell towers data specifically, because there’s only a full database of towers which is 1109MB of data.

Hi Mark,

The MCC in the table ‘Country Specific Exports’ is hyperlinked to database for that particular MCC. You won’t get the entire file if you click on those hyperlinks.

Hi @Mark_Kenneth_Ordan,

Please be clear that the lat/lon values in the OpenCellID tell you nothing about cell tower locations. The lat/lon values are estimates of the center of the cell and cannot coincide with the tower locations, because a tower location must be on the border of the cell, while the lat/lon value estimates the center of the cell.