Can I use opencllid?

I want to find the location data of a cell phone in cork city, ireland.

Preferably by having the owner voluntarily clicking a link in an sms message every hour or so.

Is this possible ? Can I use opencellid to do this for a smart/dumb phone ?

Any mobile phone programming gurus out there ?

I don’t want to have to install an app.

It is hard to understand what you are asking.
You can access the location data like cellID,LAC,wifi address/names, on phone.
To calculate location from that you need to look up database of cellIDs e.g. openCellID or google’s private location database.

On Android Settings - About - Status - you can see some mobile network info.
Or, well, I thought you used to be able to see CellID LAC etc there but I do not see it now.
You can see the data via system calls or apps like Tower Collector.

If owner can click on a link in sms message then they have network and if they allow browser permissions to use location then a link to website like google maps will give the location.
Google takes CellID/LAC also wifi network names seen and looks up it’s own database to figure out location.