Bts inside rapid transit (metro, subway, underground)


This is a common crosspost for opencellid, radiocells and mozilla location.

The rapid transit (metro,subway, tube) in my city has a very good GSM, WCDMA and LTE coverage. On the stations and inside tunnels. We have 4 different real (not virtual) operators so there a lot of stations. And there are no GPS or any other GNSS coverage, of couse.

So I can’t fill the database with TowerCollector Radiobeacon or Mozilla Stumbler.

But it will be very-very coll to see on the map where you are during the trip.
Moreover, I’m dreaming about the app that will notify me when should I exit (the station before).

I’m ready to fill the database manually: to visit all stations, make records, and publish them associating according to each station.

There is also wifi in each train (wagon), but I see no reason to put it into database as it’s moving.

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In case of Tower Collector it’s really hard to implement your proposal in my available spare time because currently the application strongly depends on GPS locations. But I see it valuable.