App For Finding Masts

Good Morning!

I work for a powered access company in the UK and we provide access equipment for a lot of masts to assist with upgrades, maintenance, fault finds.

I’m building myself a tool to convert mast into to an address, coordinates and what 3 words locations. its purely a personal project that I can utilise to make my drivers lives a little easier when trying to find the masts on a dark morning, rather than them waking me up to try direct them via google earth.

I’ve downloaded your spreadsheets and have taken a stab at the headers and cant see that the latitude and longitude are correct for the UK?

Are you able to give any guidance on how I can utilise these spreadsheets? or which columns are for what as they don’t have any headers.

My tool currently converts What 3 Words, Coordinates, Post code, to a map, and shows the additional data eg search for post code shows W3W and Coordinates, it then shows a link for Google Street view, Google Earth and Apple Maps and allows to click between saved results for when I’m looking at multiple sites per day.

Any help is really appreciated looks like you have an amazing community here!



Please check out this post for detailed column description on the csv. Please share examples where latitude and longitude are incorrect in the UK?

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is there a chance its long then lat for 234?

the lat and long just keep dropping me in the ocean.