[Answered] How to understand/interpret/use OpenCellID database?

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I struggled and research a lot when I was studying about the network data and especially the database provided by the OpenCellID. I found this platform very useful because Mr Sagar, who is the Leader here, is very active in responding to the queries. I have learnt through this forum by reading almost all the threads and the answers provided by Mr Sagar. I am very thankful to the community for posting the inquiries (which benefited me) and to Mr Sagar for quick responses on all the threads. Therefore, I believe its time to payback and provide benefit to the community through the research I have recently produced on IEEE journal.

What basics you will learn from this research article?
1- Mathematical description of the OpenCellID database
2- Explanation of LTE identifiers to understand the database

What secondary things you will learn from this article?
3- Data selection and extraction procedure
4- How to identify the unique cells
5- How to visualize the data points

I hope you will all find this helpful in your work or research in some way beneficial for society. I am putting the link of my article below from the IEEE, and it is open access so everyone can read and download the article.

Link to the article: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9139969

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Please find some text and a figure from the article.