Am I in the right place for this data?


Apologies in advance about this question–I’m very much a novice for working with cellular data, but hoping that I can obtain from OpenCelliD data for my masters thesis project.

I’m interested in putting together a dataset of mobile network coverage by carrier for multiple countries, across several years. So in my mind the dataset would have, for each sub-unit (GADM level 2, i.e. County/district/equivalent, or ideally even smaller) within a country the mobile carriers that are present in that area (and perhaps even some estimate of the area they cover) in that year (or even better, for each month or week). Ideally I would have this data back to 2010, but even a few years would be great.

Would it be possible to put together such a dataset from data I can download from OpenCelliD? From my (novice) reading of this website it seems that I can download data that includes cell towers (with their lat/long locations) and the carriers on each tower, which I could easily aggregate up into the panel dataset I described above. But is this correct? And if so, any tips on putting this dataset together (or even better, hints on where this dataset might already exist :wink:) ?

Thank you in advance for your help, and sorry again if this is a very basic question!