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We know you love and we know a lot has changed since April - some changes you liked, others you didn’t.

What do you like about OpenCelliD?
What are you having trouble with?
How can we improve our datasets?

We now have a dedicated tech team - and we have me :slight_smile: - to hear your thoughts and make sure your opinions make it to the roadmap.

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Hi all
My name is Kolin . I have had the cell ID app
provide locations on the street and at different house locations . Do that means there is a mobile unit or what? I use the Cid number for search location.

Hey Kolin,

Do you mean the ‘InViu OpenCelliD’ app? The app collects the GPS coordinates of GSM cell towers around you and sends it to OpenCelliD as a contribution. The process anonymously contributes data to the OpenCelliD community project.

If you’re trying to search for the location of a scanned cell tower, you can get it on your user dashboard. The input you require is ‘MCC-MNC-LAC-CID’ of the cell tower.

Hi Everyone,

I was going through the documentation (cell_towers.csv) and was confused about the lat/lon value provided. What does these value points to? Is it the individual devices (personal mobiles?) or the location of cell towers?
I am working in collaboration with my university with a company, and want to find out the gps location of towers/base stations in a particular area.


Hey Nafi,

The coordinates mentioned in the csv file (at represents approximate location of the cell tower. :slight_smile:

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Maybe you are not getting replies is because your login system does not work so well. I have auto login and it didn’t work for either. I had to go through the motions of creating a new account then it logged me in.

What I wanted to talk about is a list of items and what they mean. Things like colors red and green and what the numbers and letters mean. Why are some shapes fuzzy and some smooth edges. I found some definitions but not enough text to relate it to something on the map. Maybe put words like “See Keys” on the map and let that take you to the definitions. Do all symbols represent a cell tower?

The map on the home page does not zoom when one uses the mouse wheel.
Not even in Fullscreen.

The Cell Tower search feature on the map does not appear to be working:

I’ve tried in latest FF Developer and Chromium browsers, on Mac.

The search button doesn’t appear to fire off any requests.

Anyone else seeing the same issue?