Range of a tower

How can I get to know the signal range of a mobile tower.

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The signal range of a mobile tower can vary dramatically based on the radio frequency, radio power, antenna type, tower height, and technology type (2G/3G/4G). A GSM (900MHz) macro base station might have a radius of 20+ kilometres in rural areas. A 3G (2100MHz) base station might have a radius of little more than a kilometre or two in urban areas. It is very difficult to generalise. A pity that OpenCellID doesn’t have a way of capturing frequency.

What unit are they considering for capturing the signal strength and which column represents the signal strength of a tower? Only range is mentioned. Can you please mention the unit of range values present in the dataset. I am using India’s dataset.

Unless I am mistkaken, OpenCellID is only going to tell you the estimated location of the base station and the underlying technology (GSM,UMTS,LTE, etc)

The range field tells you the approximate area within which the cell could be, in metres. This is effectively an estimate of how accurate the location is.

If you want to know the signal range, you would have to use a platform like https://cloudrf.com to calculate a propagation map but you would need tower height, frequency, radio power, antenna design in addition to lat/long to do it properly. It it possible you can make some general inferences about these that would allow you estimate some of those but you would need to know more about the operators in question.