Location Cell-Towers



the locations of the transmission towers does not change in the map, even after multiple measurements with the inViu OpenCellIDApp. The date is corrected, but not the locations. Even if I measure several times around the tower.
I know the location can never be correct, but it should move on the map

Regards Xlayer


Hey Xlayer,

We process multiple measurements for a particular cell; sometimes in hundreds - In this case, the positions submitted by your device might be conflicting when compared to positions reported by other contributors.

  • Hello Sagar,
    what can I do? More often measure the cell to determine a better position? The last measurements of the other users are sometimes 1 to 2 years old.
    BtW: the only app that instantly enters the card, inViu OpenCellId. Nothing is plotted on the map via Tower Collector with Api-key