Hi, why modern mobile phones does not show cell information name

Hi, In Nokia older model, longback there is a feature, that gives the cell name of the tower the cellphone is connected at any point of time. it would switch on to nearest towers in navigation and it was a helping while travelling in trains etc. Without , pooping out, you could see the place you are in, with just a look at the tower cell information name. There was only 2g protocol at that time.
Now, the protocol changed to 3g 4g but in later editions, this information was not all provided. why , do any body knows.
some phones do give the tower as annoying sms as cell broadcast messages.
i do not find any reliable apps that provide the name on top of the screen. Some gives in a form of map, some gives it as codes or cell ids.
The numbers would not register as name of place as before.
Could experienced persons share their views on this

why no reply . shall i wait for a response

Hi, Still no reply from anybody. is the thread not relevant to this forum

In Network Call Information Lite app on Android you can enable Top Bar notifications.
E.g. “3 3G” displayed, pull down notifications and you see UMTS-LAC- other cellid info.