Discourse dark theme

Dear administrator, could you add a dark theme for this discourse forum, please. kicad, transifex, openwrt and mozilla discourses already has dark theme and it looks fine.
Dark theme tires eyes significant less and saves eyesight.

I asked openwrt discourse administrator, and just checked it myself on the fresh locally installed discourse 2.5.0.beta2:

Dark theme comes out of the box.
You can easily add more themes from the administration interface.

It seems that dark theme has been disabled, as opencellid’s discourse runs similar version (2.4.0.beta2). Just go to the https://community.opencellid.org/admin/customize/themes and enable it for users:

If there is only Light theme in the list:


you should press Install -> Create new Fill the name, “Dark” for example with type Theme:

and then, on the next step, assign the Dark color palette and make it available for users:

Done! :slight_smile:

Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile: