Detect location according to CDR

I’m trying to detect the location of the user according to real CDR records.
I want to know where he is living, so I isolated only record from night hours and now I have a list of 6 antennas.
I thought about three options for choosing this specific area.
The first, choose the antenna with the most record and mark the area circling the antenna and maybe only 120 degrees according to its azimuth.
The second, draw a polygon around all antennas and this will be the area,
The third. find the mean of all antennas location with weights(# of records of each antenna)
and according to this, this will be the right location.

What do you think? which one will be the right way or just more accurate?
I have no ground truth to check this out?


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Choose the antenna with the most record

Why do you think it is the best option?